You will find a wide variety of prices in your search for the entertainment that will be appropriate for your wedding day and there are many reasons for that: part-timers, multi-op volume-based business models, DJ's who just pull numbers out of the air, and DJ's who don't own their own equipment and even rent their tuxedos from week to week.

Factors which can affect pricing include season, day of the week, extra staff required, and options like the photobooth, décor lighting (aka uplighting), custom monogram, separate sound systems for a wedding ceremony, rehearsal or after-party entertainment, etc.

My fees represent an excellent value, especially when compared to your overall wedding day expenditure. But don't listen to me, just look at my client surveys where past clients say "It was a great value—the level of service exceeded the money spent".

Understand also that you are not just purchasing 4 or 6 hours of music; more hours (8 is a general minimum and 15 or more is not unusual) of behind the scenes custom prep work goes into producing an unforgettable wedding reception and the resulting thrilled clients that you may have already read about here.

Some companies talk about having one all-inclusive package that will cover all of your reception needs. Really? So, if you need 5 loudspeakers(some are incorrectly calling this "surround sound"), or want extra lighting, or ballroom uplighting, or want ceremony music and microphones, they'll do all that for one fee? What it really means is, if you only want or need the basics, then you're subsidizing their other clients who get extra for no extra charge. This suggests a cookie-cutter type approach. Think "Over 3 Billion Served." Sound familiar? Same wedding, no matter who or where, over and over. What kind of discount will they give you if you don't need or want extras? "We'll hold the pickles & onions, but your burger will cost the same."

Some companies also boast about no overtime charges. In reality, very few receptions these days go overtime for any number of reasons. If another company says their one price fits all, shouldn't you get a discount for your reception ending on time? Why should you subsidize other people's overtime? "When you're finished with your double cheeseburger, feel free to stay as long as you like!"

I've helped many couples like yourselves bring their dream reception to life through spot-on music programming and mixing, fun & classy emceeing, and unique, personalized ideas at prices ranging from $1,499 to $4,999, with most packages that include photobooth and/or uplighting ranging from $2,399 to $3,499. Other discounts might apply depending on the season and/or date. Good DJ's aren't usually inexpensive and inexpensive DJ's usually aren't good. How will you & your friends & your guests describe the DJ that you'll have for your once-in-a-lifetime event?